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Please issue a direction prohibiting practice of the kith and kin of the sitting judges in the same court / high court / Supreme Court for the reinstatement of faith in the judiciary.
Muscat: Bangladeshi expatriates in the Sultanate are worrying for the safety of their kith and kin back home as violence continues to rock their country following the death sentence handed to Jamt-e-Islami leader Dilwar Hossain Sayeedee by a war crimes tribunal.
In one case recently, someone who approached local authorities with what seemed to be a well documented power of attorney took away the compensation of QR200,000 awarded to the kith and kin of a deceased worker of a major local electrical contracting firm.
The kith and kin of the victims also expressed their satisfaction over the verdict and stated that guilty deserved to be punished severely.
NEW EXHIBITION Figures by Nick Renshaw in Kith and Kin exhibition WATER SCULPTURE A work in Kith and Kin inspired by a leak by Erin Dickson and Jeffrey Sarmiento DRAWN IN A piece by Colin Rennie in the NGC's Kith and Kin exhibition CHALLENGE James Bustard at the National Glass Centre
Kith Meng, whose Royal Group conglomerate holds a 45 per cent stake in the joint venture, is to quit after two successive, three-year terms as chairman.
Micah, though a Kith himself, finds himself attracted Romeo-like to Thrace.
And I'd be lucky to get a good long talk with any of the kith and kin.
The TSE is pondering the move, in order to avoid 'blind trading' for TDRs, such as the recent case of Kith Holdings, trading for whose TDRs continued, despite the suspension of the trading of its stocks on the Hong Kong bourse for two days from August 18 following the default of US$12 million debt by its customer.
This is the worst-ever fighting in the region, and there are thousands of people on the streets looking for kith and kin," he said.
Suicide leaves the biggest ache because kith and kin are left guilty that they didn't realise the trauma of those who kill themselves.
AMATEUR family historians can find out more about their kith and kin when staff at Warwickshire's Record Office run a series of workshops.