kith and kin

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Published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson, Kith And Kin is Stevie's ninth novel in 17 years.
After completing legal formalities the dead bodies were handed over to their kith and kin.
I do not doubt that Hannah Jones is a good-hearted and decent person who would argue, as others have, that a knowledge of and a pride in one's kith and kin leads to a better understanding of other people.
PEOPLE around the world celebrate St Andrew's Day - not just us Scots here at home or our kith and kin scattered across the globe.
I've found a way honestly I have suppose you'd say Maybe in a metaphorical way It was quite by chance really Triggered by a classic record Playing on the radio With the family album on my knee A packet of tissues at the ready I was prepared to turn back time Every photo had a momentous tale To tell, smiling familiar faces of departed Kith and Kin, actually came to life Before my whingeing eyes, births, marriages Our annual May processions, little kids Dressed like angels in pretty white frocks Tears turned to laughter as I skipped lovingly Through time, it didn't take a Dr Who Time Machine Just turn the pages of the family album Honest to God it's that easy
In the notice ( advertisement), her husband Hariram and her family had invited their kith and kin to mourn Hema's death.
KARACHI, May 19 -- The kith and kin of martyred people of March 18th carnage staged a protest demonstration in front of the Presidential office (Bilawal House) here on Tuesday against non-payment of compensation and employments.
When both sides realised they were singing the same song they stopped, turned around and went back the way they had come, neither side being willing to fight against its own kith and kin.
To hear them speak of their intake conjures up visions of birds picking at scraps - then they reveal family albums with the kith and kin of oasthouse proportions.
Apart from the couples, the ceremony was also attended by members of the higher organising committee, kith and kin of the couples, representatives of sponsoring firms and several dignitaries.
They make matters worse for those with legitimate tickets - they will create problems for their own kith and kin.
Although the narratives focus on the women, it is clear they are convinced keeping the ranch involves working as a team, keeping the faith with their kith and kin, and getting everything done even if they rarely sleep or even have a few moments to themselves.