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He knowingly persists in his knavery, and in so doing he becomes a fool of another stamp.
Madison also made reference to the knavery principle in his argument for the ratification of the federal constitution: "Ambition must be made to counteract ambition.
Even theologians have to a great extent forgotten the terrible influence, in times past, of demonic agencies, and, if they do not absolutely reject the instances recorded in the Bible, they are disposed to treat all other cases as humbuggery, knavery, deception, or to class them with epilepsy, insanity, hallucination, and other diseases to which we are subject, and to dismiss them, when they cannot be denied, with the physicians, under the heads of mania, monomania, nymphomania, demonopathy, &c.
Earlier they met the PM Modi to press for water from Knavery River and to speed up the Constitution of Cauvery Management Board as ordered by the Apex Court, but however, they are not happy with his response as he did not give nay positive response.
The prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award should fortify Morales and her coworkers in the Office of the Ombudsman in their often-thankless, lonely and dangerous job of fighting knavery in government.
Olree, "Pride Ignorance and Knavery James Madison's Formative Experiences with Religious Establishments, 36 Harv.
The first individual runner he saddled was Knavery, who finished seventh behind Doug Watson's Layl in a handicap during the Dubai World Cup Carnival.
They are a melange of the old and obscure and I shall attempt with considered concinnity to give them an airing for the edification of philistines who may be obambulating through subtopia and beyond, and hope this will not be considered knavery or the act of a rapscallion or dismissed as simple flapdoodle but accepted as an exercise by an honest opsimath.
FORMER Godolphin racing manager Simon Crisford is set to launch his training career in Dubai on Thursday with Knavery, who will carry the colours of Qatar Racing and be ridden by the owner's recent signing Oisin Murphy.
It wasn't slavery, That stale red-herring of Yankee knavery Nor even states-rights, at least not solely, But something so dim that it must be holy.
The work is a mixture of burlesque and mock-history (Jonathan Wild, a real criminal hanged in 1725, was the symbol of political knavery and in political journalism his name had become synonymous with Walpole); the mock seriousness of the historian playing on the contrast between goodness and greatness so that he can close his account with this remark:
Contemporary of Hazlitt, an 1820 printing of an extract from Lazarillo in The Retrospective Review emphasizes Lazarillo's differences from Guzman by saying: "In short, Lazarillo is not a professed or finished sharper, but is more of a victim of the knavery of others, than a knave himself.