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I am called Don Quixote of La Mancha, knight-errant and adventurer, and captive to the peerless and beautiful lady Dulcinea del Toboso.
Compared to these versions, Cui Li's "Inspiring Righteousness" is distinctive in terms of its attempts to present the female knight-errant as a moral exemplar and to connect her with counterparts in official biographies.
The one who believes himself to be a knight-errant or the one who pretends to be the Cid of Vivar?
The canon from Don Quixote's village, La Mancha, who has come with the priest and barber to bring the knight-errant home, opens the disquisition, presumably out of hearing range of Don Quixote but nonetheless in painfully close proximity.
In part two, when Sancho and the knight-errant encounter the unattractive Dulcinea, "Don Quijote sees nothing except the actual reality, that is, three peasant women on donkeys" (Auerbach 338-39).
26) in which Cervantes powers his knight-errant, seem of obvious kin to the dialectic established within Mann's Death in Venice.
This animated presentation features Miguel de Cervantes's tale of the knight-errant, Don Quixote de la Mancha.
In fact, at times the trip felt like a chapter out of the Grail legend, with knight-errant George sallying forth every morning, spoon in hand, in search of the perfect Brazil, and returning empty-handed at night, at most having slain a few ferment dragons along the way.
Faust, Don Quixote, Don Juan, and Robinson Crusoe are strikingly different from one another - the German magician who sells his soul to the devil for knowledge and power; the Spanish country gentleman who decides to become a knight-errant and rides off one day in search of adventures; the young Spanish nobleman who seduces woman after woman and breaks faith with anyone who trusts him; the English sailor, sole survivor of a shipwreck, who in his years on a desert island recreates human civilisation by his own efforts.
Conqueror, which will be available at mass retail channels in June, puts users in die shoes of an knight-errant, battling evil lords in first person hand-to-hand combat.
Aldonza Lorenzo, a sturdy Spanish peasant girl, is renamed Dulcinea by the crazed knight-errant Don Quixote when he selects her to be his ladylove.
In his biography of Davidson (1907) William Knight calls him "the wandering scholar"; William James' memorial article (1905) described him as "a knight-errant of the intellecutal life.