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For my money Holly (the original, that is) knocked spots off the other three, though Cochran's small output contains some definitive rock records.
DUNDEE UNITED missed two penalties yet still knocked spots off hapless Hibs.
As for those troosers - well, they knocked spots off Ian Poulter (above) and his pink-checked tribute to Rupert Bear and Daly regards them as his lucky pair.
Built in solid wood or heavy duty bakelite, you could literally smell the valves heating up, and the resonance of the loudspeakers knocked spots off most of what is on the market today.
3 Eamon Sheehy The Irish generally deliver a strong challenge in the novice hurdles, and `Dusty' Sheehy will be more hopeful than most that he has the trump card with Justified, who knocked spots off the useful Blazing Liss at Punchestown in January.
Viewers watched Jill, 29, score full marks in one routine, as she knocked spots off fellow finalists Julian Clary and Denise Lewis.
Lewis Bantham scored twice as the Dragons beat the Lynx 2-1, while the Bandits knocked spots off the Leopards with a 7-1 win.

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