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Channel 4, Monday, 10pm Seemingly bored with knocking around the kitchen all day turning out food, Jamie now spends most of his time saving men, women and children alike from themselves and their appetites.
There are plenty of theories knocking around as to why the superfluous apostrophe infuriatingly adorns an otherwise fitting name - the one about his dam being called Buck's is of course the most boring - but I think I've got it sussed.
Hogg's roaring arrogance makes you wonder how many other "let them eat cake" toffs are knocking around the "new look" Tory party.
She's been knocking around for a while having entered Pop Idol where she got knocked out in the third round.
But Bellway said it had resorted to knocking around 6% off the average prices in the final two months of its financial year to secure sales.
Paxton (Jay Hernandez) and Josh (``Dumb and Dumberer's'' Derek Richardson) are two pals who have almost been having the time of their lives knocking around Western Europe.
The UK's largest power network operator, National Grid Transco, has forecast an improvement in its annual results, despite the weaker US dollar knocking around pounds 20 million off its earnings.
My insider revealed: "I first heard Peter's Insania in 1999 and have still got a copy of it knocking around.
Such allegations, which have been knocking around for many years, ought not to worry the people of Rugby unduly.
Here's a name that's been knocking around for years--Virago.
I have cancelled my retirement - Ingrid has told me she is not prepared to have me knocking around the house all day so I will work for ever.
MATT GIDLEY and Ade Gardner must be one of the best centre-wing partnerships knocking around at the moment.