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Neighbour Ken Marks yesterday said Mr Stonestreet was knocking down the wall in the garden when Surranna "came from nowhere".
A major project is under way to transform the Wood End, Henley Green and Manor Farm estates by knocking down former council houses, now owned by Whitefriars, and building a mix of homes for rent and purchase.
Hannon explains that creating a knockout mouse can take well over a year, while knocking down a gene with RNAi takes only a few days.
Knocking down a landmark factory to make way for his new project has been bitter sweet for buildings boss Jonathan Ryder.
For example, Japanese researchers reported in the 19 June 2003 issue of Nature the successful construction of transgenic coffee plants that are naturally decaffeinated by knocking down a gent involved in caffeine biosynthesis.
American companies are simply more comfortable with the idea of knocking down walls and marketing to the greatest possible mass of customers.