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Beyond the pit stood the little wedge of people with the white flag at its apex, arrested by these phenomena, a little knot of small vertical black shapes upon the black ground.
And as Madame Defarge moved on from group to group, all three went quicker and fiercer among every little knot of women that she had spoken with, and left behind.
Then she turned out the contents of the bowl of money for the second time, and began knotting them up in her handkerchief, in a chain of separate knots, for safe keeping through the night.
It was a judge of knots because it had a habit of tying up unfortunate blue-bottles.
But I am persuaded that the knots would have proved indigestible, whatever you may urge to the contrary.
She was going at the speed of thirteen knots and a half.
Exceptional wedding professionals who have earned four or more of The Knot Best of Weddings awards are inducted into the prestigious The Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame.
Tied correctly they both provide knot strength of more than 90 percent of line break strength.
In simple words, what happens is this: a combination of "stomping and whipping forces" behaves the same way a hand would, making the knot grow loose and then pulling on the laces to unravel the knot.
The lecture notes cover knot theory, from Conway notation to LinKnot, surface-knots, Khovanov homology, knot theory for spatial graphs attached to a surface, and knots and graphs: two centuries of interaction.
Keywords: Umbilical cord, True knot, Intrauterine death.
One of the most important issues in the evaluation of the quality control of wood material is the knot classification, because knots directly affect resistance of wood material.