know again

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As I hummed this nonsense, a trout at least three pounds in weight, whom you would know again anywhere, leapt a yard out of the water, and I took it, in my absurd, sun-soaked heart, as a good omen, as though he had said, "Follow and see.
I am long past the age when I could wish to form myself upon another writer, and I do not think I could now insensibly take on the likeness of another; but his work has been a revelation and a delight to me, such as I am sure I can never know again.
And so, having satisfied ourselves, we depart to-morrow, and leave the venerable Queen of the Republics to summon her vanished ships, and marshal her shadowy armies, and know again in dreams the pride of her old renown.
Surely for the gaze which had found her, and which she would know again.
Was he to be told that, he wished to know again, by his own son on his own hearth, to his own face?
It's in our own hands and that's what we'll know again from tomorrow on, but at the moment it's really bad.
Mentally they are a very strong group, they are a very tight group and we know again that there's more percentage points to improve on and I've no doubt the talent is there.
And I think she, you know again like I said, everyone was surprised and taken aback by the scale of what happened and the nature of how quickly it all happened, plus the fact, you know, she was or had been challenging the Royal Family for many years beforehand.
We have to travel light and know again who we are and who God is.
People want to know again what they are eating and shift away from convenience food towards organic, fresh and healthy products.
Regardless of whether she is alive and intact in the sense of being someone you might ever know again or if you ever have your explanation for how all of this came to pass or even if you don't.
How pleasant it would be, he thought, to see the world once more through a child's eyes; to go back and dream the dreams of beginnings, of first "things," and approach those moments with the innocence and naivete of a child; to experience the beauty and wonder of touching and being touched by the new through senses singularly uncluttered by expectation; to know again the exquisite thrill of discovery.