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One of Maya Angelou's most famous sayings, "When you know better, you do better," was quoted 43 times on the Oprah show and she frequently discusses it in her Lifeclass series.
As for Amanda Staveley, she should know better than to publicly put words in my mouth - particularly words she knows or should know perfectly well aren't true.
He said: "Colin's won eight Order of Merits and played numerous Ryder Cups so he must know better.
We know better today unless, God forbid, you should be a Latino or Arab immigrant.
Not the way it feels right now,'' Farmar said, ``but they know better than I do.
Think of a guy in your school you'd like to know better.
Recyclers engaged in international trade know better.
Regardless, Beauford creates characters readers will want to know better.
Simply put, biblical folk often speak and act as if they know better than God what ought to be done here on earth.
Martin, he should know better than to receive Communion.
Mr Vaughan observes that these four committee members 'seem to think they know better than Bridgend and Swansea Borough Councils, HM Planning Inspectorate and WAG's own Head of Planning Decisions'.
As Euro 2004 has proved, once again, spectators always know better than referees