know by heart

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I ought to know by heart and every step of this Journey, yet I fear we have already lost our way.
Part supernatural romance, part mystery and part contemporary realism, The Shadows We Know by Heart blends the psychological suspense of Stephanie Kuehn's Charm & Strange with traditional legends of Bigfoot, adding a flavor of "Beauty and the Beast" along the way.
A naked body we know by heart, a mother's tears, a lamp
uk Works to Know By Heart, An Imagined Museum, Tate Liverpool (till February 14, 2016) Sixty major works from three major European art museums (including Bridget Riley and Andy Warhol) make up this intriguing interactive show, in which visitors are invited to memorise the artworks.
Andrew's Anglican Church in Calgary that I attend, the priest lifts up the host and wine for everyone to see, but most of the congregants are looking at the words in the Book of Alternative Services eucharistic prayer they already know by heart.
I pray that before he meets these real wild things--the needy girlfriend, the addict friend--he will come to know by heart the one who feeds us, but does not feed on us.