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The form book no doubt says it wasn't as good as finishing second to Pearlyman, but those of us who were there know different.
Almost two-thirds (61%) of parents did not know different car seats are suitable for different types of vehicle - installing a car seat that is wrong for the vehicle can severely compromise its safety.
BURSA (CyHAN)- Jean Biciklet, 30, is a French advanturer who travels around the world by his bicycle to get to know different people and cultures.
I found it so entertaining for the audience to get to know different cultures, habits and cuisine and collect money for the kids at the same time, to fund the possibility to escape from daily routines and realities," said Nils Koenig, one of the organizers of the event and the Assistant Professor at American University of Central Asia.
We know different and if Brains can't be made to see sense, then we will approach other local breweries to gauge their interest.
NorQuest College showed me that volunteering takes you a long way in life by getting to know different cultures.
Same with being in Eugene, just being part of the community, getting to know different people.
Over the years you get to know different people and tend to know the refs and the different teams we play against," he said.
And it is always very good to know different people, different cultures, and different climates.
While her cousin Elizabeth I hesitates over signing Mary's death sentence, Mary hopes for a reprieve - tragically, we know different.
Scientists already know different kinds of fat release different cytokines and have different effects on insulin resistance, lipids and blood pressure.
Her flawless complexion looks natural but we know different.