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The show, the first without defamed designer John Galliano, saw the Twitterverse and reviews by fashion know-alls explode with negative commentary.
To their colleagues, they're a trio of pedantic know-alls.
One does wonder if the know-alls ever make such errors of judgment.
It is just the selfish know-alls, male and female, that can cause problems.
Knowing our luck, if we ever flew into space for the trip of a lifetime, we'd end up seated beside one of those been-there-done-that know-alls we get stuck with on every holiday.
Some of these know-alls are at least sympathetic and encouraging but there's a growing breed, modelled on people like Ann Robinson and Alan Sugar, who make their names and reputations by being pointlessly rude.
But the smug confidence now shown by the country's top leaders (Lula added, "It's sad to see these know-alls going broke and filing for bankruptcy") is a significant development for a country that has spent much of the past three decades recovering from G7-instigated economic shocks and structural adjustments.
For all you know-alls (I believe some Post readers possibly fall into this category), I am aware there are two of them, but this is the famous one, made into a chart hit by the band Sky way back when.
There are several opportunities for trivia quiz know-alls to shine, as well as dance classes, bridge and whist sessions and board games such as chess and scrabble.
Davey Driver: "What annoys me with these government know-alls is the fact they ignore the contract between employees and the government - you take on a job and agree to pay NI contributions for a reason (not that you have much choice anyway), yet when you come to claim for being ill, out of work etc they do their hardest to make it difficult to get financial help.
British parents (the usual suspects: the know-alls who see a paedophile behind every tree, the mothers who resort to fisticuffs with headmasters when their ugly kids are sent home from school with purple hair) are screaming at Chinese cruelty to children involving desk-side intravenous drips through which come fluids that the Chinese believe helps children study and behave themselves during exam preparation.
I think it's worth reminding myself and the American know-alls that some of the greatest love affairs of all time were between women with what we might describe as a fuller figure and men who worshipped them.