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GARDENING writers come over as such know-alls, so I was very interested in the refreshingly-honest comments about your vegetables.
Even those know-alls at the Oxford English Dictionary have attempted to solve the mystery.
They get obsessed and competitive and turn into know-alls.
You know the sort I mean - gift of the gab, glib, smooth, all the cliches going, the top know-alls of the bullshit industry.
Alan Kennedy, Tony Currie and Alan Rough were embarrassingly deficit of any vestige of general knowledge and thoroughly trounced by the extremely smug and superior know-alls who comprise the home team.
But how many of those know-alls know more about management, tactics and football than McCarthy?
To the outside world Stuart (Rhys Thomas), Ashley (Richard Madden) and Rachid (Kayvan Novak) look like angels of mercy, to their colleagues they're a trio of pedantic know-alls, and to the career alcoholics and late-night revellers on the swarming streets of Leeds, they're nothing more than glorified taxi drivers with one drop-off point - Accident & Emergency.
Unfortunately, productivity was precisely the area neglected by our Nanny State know-alls while teaching us the etiquette of re-arranging the cutlery on the Titanic.
We (England) have little or no influence; we are considered to be arrogant and know-alls and Fifa don't have to answer to anyone.
The fierce critics, the knockers, the mockers and the know-alls who seemed to revel in Newcastle's darkest hour of the modern era were suddenly silent, and there are more than a few points to prove again next season when the Mags return to the top flight.
I'M already heartily sick of the stay-at-home know-alls who claim Blue Square Derby favourite Fear Zafonic was hugely below his best in winning a trial stakes on Tuesday.