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In contrast to Laozi's Dao, which is vague, indistinct, and unnamable, and to the ZYs unattainable zhong, which at best human beings can approximate by according to the Dao of harmony and sincerity, Aristotle's primary substance or ousia is most definable, knowable, and independent.
The occurrence of critical incidents points to one of two conditions: either there is epistemic uncertainty--a lack of knowledge that a risk exists--that rules out any form of risk management, or the risk is knowable but decision makers fail to act upon their knowledge.
If a truth is knowable for the agent who knows PQI and makes no mistakes in reasoning then it is knowable (scrutable) from PQI.
It shows that in a knowable real world the need for generalization or abstraction strengthens the constructivist position.
This shows we don't need to rely on human intellect or reasoning to know God, but that He is knowable, through the spiritual sense God gives us and through our love for Him.
Because of the remoteness of the region some of the outlying areas are accessible only by helicopter so a full assessment of the damage and need was/is not immediately knowable.
In the early modern period, both the state and the family operated as conceptual (and actual) spheres that were largely visible, transparent, knowable, and, at least symbolically, interchangeable.
Psychologically, a universally knowable law of human nature makes no sense in a world where an atomized self has replaced the soul.
Some things, the movie asserts, just aren't knowable.
All of those things were knowable when congressional Democrats such as Biden had an opportunity to stop this madness before it started.
Vioxx cases found that Vioxx had known and knowable side effects which presented substantial dangers to users.