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In the case of Locus--a journal presumably read mostly by book sellers, librarians, some academics, and sf/fantasy/horror enthusiasts--a certain tone of camaraderie and insiderly knowingness is engendered over the months and years, and indeed Wolfe's reviews deploy and depend upon a really quite substantial amount of tacit knowledge.
In bad young poets, knowingness is to knowledge what truthiness is to truth, as Robbins' lesser stuff makes plain.
In this passage, and in the book overall, the narrative voice is cleaned of all experience, all knowingness, all irony.
That's an odd complaint in a book that turns real and made-up history into a seamless tissue, but it fits the character's combination of knowingness, bemusement, and irascibility.
His presence left me with a one-pointed focus on my sense of purpose and a knowingness that he could help guide me.
Jenell Lorg's "Inherent Knowingness," with an original score by David Horton.
As Labrovic and Solh's camera take turns scrutinizing the bovines' rear ends and genitals, a curious look of amused knowingness marks his face.
Though irritating in its knowingness and jokey contemporary references, the showhas itsmoments - not least when the emotional intensity of the family's crisis - the father's wife catching him about to have sex with her daughter - tips it over into Italian opera.
One such technique is the very irony, sarcasm, and knowingness that bureaucrats use to reflect on the nature of bureaucracies.
As O'Neill illustrates with Elizabeth Bishop: 'her irony is more than reductive wariness; it involves sustaining a double responsiveness, offering not just a belated knowingness, but also an authentic knowing of the Romantics themselves' (p.
And in so doing we remind ourselves, in the words of Daniel Mendelsohn, that "our knowledge is merely knowingness, our vision partial rather than whole, and we must tread carefully in the world.
There is an arch knowingness about its selection of devices featured in the show that failed to live up to predictions, and some of the text is cringingly dire.