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Laughter helped dissipate unease at the inherent hazards of city life, but knowingness completed its rout.
Her knowingness is her total belief that we can shape the world we live in and that out of Anthony's death some good has to be born.
So there is a test to be met, both for Eggers and the broader project of cultural dissent of which he has been an integral part: Does all this knowingness, this filtering self-consciousness, actually work?
People say these letters in whispers to communicate a knowingness that wishes to be spared the burden of explaining.
His work is animated by the tensions created by its dichot-omies--between knowingness and innocence, grandeur and intimacy, constructivism and organicism, immediacy and monumentality, neo-expressionism and neo-geo, a traditionalist's love of oil paint with an assemblagist's resort to vernacular materials (bread, foil, glitter).
First-timer Fernley Phillips' screenplay wavers between wink-wink knowingness (cue the bulldog) and self-seriousness, finally collapsing into a need to explain everything, even if the reasoning runs counter to everything we've just seen transpire.
And Morvern's Juliet has a striking range, from the childish game of tag with the Nurse when we first see her to sexual knowingness as she awaits her husband, unaware that calamity has already struck.
And his eyes have a wisdom and a knowingness that has already given him the precursory tag of a 'voice of a generation'.
Bailey adopts throughout an air of smirking knowingness, especially about gays.
If the preternatural knowingness of Goicolea's boys recalls that of creepy Danny in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, so much the better.
There's buckets of guts, as expected, but it lacks the kind of arch knowingness, pacing or sumptuous sets so badly needed to make it a horror flick worth being really scared of (1997) PP
In place of politics (strictly construed), Williamson offered wise-ass knowingness about the news business, as embodied by a relentlessly self- promoting reporter (Courteney Cox).