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His presence left me with a one-pointed focus on my sense of purpose and a knowingness that he could help guide me.
This difference may be due to continental difference and knowingness with tools and techniques being used in the industry.
Jenell Lorg's "Inherent Knowingness," with an original score by David Horton.
As Labrovic and Solh's camera take turns scrutinizing the bovines' rear ends and genitals, a curious look of amused knowingness marks his face.
Knowing she was no longer destined to be a perpetual world traveller, Birstein wondered, "What would provide me with the dual spirit of knowingness and the unknown, openness and unpredictability, intensity and freedom?
It eschews the narcissism and knowingness of so much modern comedy and instead celebrates, in the words of Bryn, "a wonderful family that spreads across two nations".
Though irritating in its knowingness and jokey contemporary references, the showhas itsmoments - not least when the emotional intensity of the family's crisis - the father's wife catching him about to have sex with her daughter - tips it over into Italian opera.
In "The Catholic Bells," the joining of religion and non-religion, of piety and a hard, nervous secular knowingness are typical of Williams.
One such technique is the very irony, sarcasm, and knowingness that bureaucrats use to reflect on the nature of bureaucracies.
Then, skepticism about aggressive akrasia involves (i) skepticism about the voluntariness of akrasia--more specifically, skepticism that the act is not compelled--or (ii) skepticism about the knowingness of akrasia, or both (i) and (ii).
And in its claims for the play's knowingness about such structures, the chapter offers a valuable corrective to the strain of Foucauldian critique (and not just of the New Historicist stripe) that sees the subject as nothing but a blindly inscribed effect of power.
Here, clarity means the reflective potential of what is called the mind to manifest as visual forms, sounds, smells, tastes, touch and ideas whereas knowingness means the capacity of mind to know, be cognizant of, what is happening in each moment.