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Because during early venture development entrepreneurs are particularly knowledge constrained and networks are key sources of this important knowledge (Collinson & Gregson, 2003), entrepreneurs seek ways to construct a more knowledgably heterogeneous network that will allow them access to diverse knowledge resources.
The group's lack of cohesion and its apparent wish to pantomime progressivism rather than practice it knowledgably is unsettling in the face of the challenges so many of its generation face--finding work, repaying student loans, figuring out ways to finish college when money has run out.
At one end of the spectrum the senior public servant must provide a clear vision and rationale for change so that staff can work efficiently, effectively and knowledgably towards the intended goals.
In this interview at GIE's offices in far west Houston, he talks openly and knowledgably about his company, his career, and his industry.
They can then knowledgably purchase full-size products quickly--in-store or online Needless to say, the sampling industry has sped up to keep pace with the trend, and you'll read about suppliers' latest mini products for trial and for sale on page 16 of this issue.
Directors are also able to fulfill their camp accreditation standards more knowledgably and ensure that staff members--even those overseas--are getting the same level and amount of pre- and in-season preparation.
He very politely and knowledgably talked us through the menu, explaining the most popular choices.
He writes so engagingly and knowledgably that an extra-wide range of readers-- amateur Egyptologists as well as experts--can travel happily to the ancient world with him via this thoughtfully prepared and beautifully illustrated book.
But you need to move quickly, decisively and knowledgably.
Used knowledgably, a number of these preliminary tests may offer a degree of insight into memory abilities and cognitive status.
110) "[T]he result of all this Charter-related litigation", Arthurs suggests, "is that labour tribunals have lost forever their ability to deal rapidly, informally, knowledgably and effectively with complex and fast-moving employment disputes".
Patients on home dialysis speak up quickly, their partners understand and take action, and patients knowledgably do the things that make their treatments easier; so it becomes all about negotiation, shared tasks, and talking to each other.

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