knowledge of facts

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I place my own interpretation on this circumstance; but as it is not founded on any knowledge of facts, I merely allude to it, and say no more.
George Shelby, interested, as any other young man might be, by the romance of the incident, no less than by feelings of humanity, was at the pains to send to Cassy the bill of sale of Eliza; whose date and name all corresponded with her own knowledge of facts, and felt no doubt upon her mind as to the identity of her child.
Paul Hillock's knowledge of facts and figures on the subject of housing trends and relative population average ages in Coventry and Barking and Dagenham (Letters, April 9) is a certainly impressive but when he likens people who are trying to influence local housing policy to the boy who stuck his finger in the dyke he is missing the point.
The survey was intended to gauge respondents' knowledge of facts related to blindness and visual impairment, as well as measure levels of agreement with the statement that global economic and social problems could be improved with increased access to quality eye care.
But the MEP failed to demonstrate his knowledge of facts a little closer to home when the Record challenged him.
If you have no knowledge of facts why did you come in the court.
Gengler manages the creative and product side of the business, and he is grateful to have his partner's knowledge of facts, figures and product design.
One thing about political rhetoric in the Islamic Republic is that it doesn't require any research or knowledge of facts.
I think that schools suck the ability to think independently from a child, replacing true wisdom with the busywork of a knowledge of facts, disguising the accumulation of facts as education.
Forward looking statements are based on our knowledge of facts as of the date hereof and involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties that may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of Russian Standard and its affiliates, including CEDC, to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by our forward looking statements.
Students were scored on a number of factors including knowledge of facts and evidence and courtroom prowess, presence, and skills.
New York also requires an insurer to defend when the insurer has actual knowledge of facts establishing such a reasonable possibility of coverage.

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