knowledge of law

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But he was an elderly man with much experience and knowledge of law and diplomacy.
The general aims of the HNC are to provide candidates with a basic understanding of Scots law that will equip them for employment where knowledge of law and legal procedures are relevant.
Clearly owning a nice pad in a prime tourist area, along with a knowledge of law, helps.
I might decide to look at the NHS Management Programme as one option where I can combine my knowledge of law and my business background.
and Lance McMillian put their knowledge of law in an article in an attempt to analyze and explore the "role property rights play in the guaranty of freedom.
Blessed with a quick mind, a vast knowledge of law and a great personality, he probably could have made a lot more money doing some other type of law.
Many governments in Africa simply don't have the capacity to negotiate complex contracts that require a wide range of in-depth knowledge of law, finance, geology, economic modeling, etc.
The success of the training session will be another achievement for the consumers as well as to our organisation in advancing the technical knowledge of law enforcement officials on properly detecting counterfeit goods and promptly report any detection to the brand owners in order to take the proper legal action in a proactive approach," said Omar Shteiwi, chairman of the board at the BPG and regional intellectual property advisor for Nestle Middle East.
One of the reasons of that trend may be that the prime minister wanted to have tractable and dependable politicians around him but another reason may be that most of the legislators were mere politicians having no knowledge of law, the law-making process and the vision of implications of the law (being enacted) on society.
Zemble believes that a knowledge of law will prevent criminal action that could lead to a suspension of a driver's license, fines and/or serving a sentence in jail.
LDC is mandated to organize courses for various personnel involved in administration of justice, assist in law reform, research, publications of law reports and other materials to promote better knowledge of law and provision of legal Aid and advice to indigent litigants and accused persons.
Andrzej SzlyOzak has a deep knowledge of law, in particular of company law,

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