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With well-trained, knowledgeable employees, we can deliver better customer service which ultimately will help us be more successful," said John Bunting, vice president, Sales, Distributed Systems Services.
Donnelly and Shroder combine with other Technical Customer Service team members to make an incredibly diverse and knowledgeable support team," said BRO marketing director Michael Stevenson.
By facilitating access to our knowledgeable staff, advanced resources and industry-leading products, we are dedicated to becoming the channel's first choice when it comes to proven IP SAN solutions.
Members will be able to tap into MelodyTrip's knowledgeable and experienced staff, online resources, travel discounts and special complimentary offers from partners to create the ultimate festival experience with the minimum of time and monetary investments.
Every show covers a wide spectrum of micro-cap stocks, interesting and knowledgeable callers, and significant trading opportunities for both long and short-term perspectives.
The State Lobbyists shall be experienced and knowledgeable in Pre-K-20 education, and also be knowledgeable of performance accountability systems.
20137 that those retirement plan participants who scored highest on a test of their financial knowledge might have "more volatile" portfolios, but their portfolios are not more diversified than their less knowledgeable peers.
Numerous studies show that more financially knowledgeable people accumulate more retirement wealth," they point out, including that they are more likely to plan and save and that they are "more aware of, and manage better, the fees and charges associated with financial products.
Forty-one percent said they are not at all knowledgeable about the law and another 48 percent said they were only somewhat knowledgeable.
Just under half, 48 percent, of parents feel very knowledgeable about the entire cost of an education beyond tuition, and another 39 percent feel somewhat knowledgeable.
Considering that this man was an expert in missiles/rockets and knowledgeable in various other subjects, including Indian classical music, this is hardly surprising.
Only 34% of families said their primary care physicians were "knowledgeable" about mental illness, whereas 17% said their physicians were "somewhat" knowledgeable.

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