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And, there was not much of a gender split on basic knowledge: almost the same percentage of women (41%) as men (39%) said they only knew the basics - but men were far more likely (39% versus 21%) to say they were knowledgeable.
To improve students' knowledge it is essential to identify what information is needed for students to be considered well-informed or knowledgeable.
The influx of lawyers and arbitrators into the reinsurance arbitration field, combined with the staggering dollar amounts at issue and the demise of long-term cedent-reinsurer relationships, has resulted in arbitration disputes that resemble trench warfare, more than a civilized method to obtain a "fast, fair, and cost-effective resolution by knowledgeable decision-makers.
Policy makers at the state and federal levels should also become more knowledgeable about integrative medicine.
The mentor is also someone who understands the role and will meet the protege's needs; is knowledgeable in the desired field as well as respected; and is a person who listens and is a problem solver (Young, 1998).
No matter what time of year families choose to tour your facilities, do everything you can to fulfill their expectations of what "camp people" are like -- youthful, exuberant, and knowledgeable.
We find that many of our shareholders have become much more knowledgeable and well-informed as to the nature of the cellular phone and wireless communications industry.
Again, newcomers should be paired with knowledgeable coaches the first year to maximize their learning curve.
It's a good idea to involve firm members who are knowledgeable about other companies and firms and who can communicate well with others in a variety of situations.
Just under half, 48 percent, of parents feel very knowledgeable about the entire cost of an education beyond tuition, and another 39 percent feel somewhat knowledgeable.
9, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Despite the broad range of options available to women for birth control and family planning, a survey of more than 1200 US women between 18 and 45 released today by the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) shows that women do not feel knowledgeable about many of these options and have harmful misperceptions about their effectiveness.
6: to be proactive and knowledgeable about investing, money management, and consumer issues; The move to Atlanta saved them $6,000 in property taxes and more than $20,000 in education costs (the girls are attending public school) each year.

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