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A work of impressively accessible scholarship, Grand Canyon: Little Things In A Big Place, knowledgeably authored by Ann Zwinger (Adjunct Professor, Colorado College) and illustrated with black and white photography from Michael Collier offers an intimate and descriptive survey at the awe-inspiring spectacle of the Grand Canyon including the rare beauty and striking imagery of one of the world's greatest natural wonders as well as a comprehensive and brief exploration into its more precise recreational and geological complexities.
Cradle Of A Nation is a knowledgeably written and historically accurate account of what may have been the life of one man amidst the final days and years of true colonial Virginia, and is very strongly recommended to all readers with an interest in historical fiction, general fiction, and the founding years of America, just prior the American Revolution.
Knowledgeably presented by Marty Schupak, Soccer Shooting Drills is an informed and informative instructional documentation of over thirty creative, fun, and technical shooting drills for youth soccer athletes in a flawless produced 34-minute DVD format for the purpose of aiding in the perfection and enhancement of scoring fundamentals.
With its breakthrough Synera Integrated Value model, Synera Systems has built end-user products and development platforms that enable businesses to respond knowledgeably "at the speed of thought" to changing market conditions.
Knowledgeably offering an extensive compendium for young readers to learn from, Voices And Votes grants a comprehensive and thorough analysis of the history and civics of Wisconsin's state, tribal, and local governments.
Knowledgeably edited by Ronnie Sellers, Fifty Things To Do When You Turn Fifty is an informed and thought-provoking collection of fifty writers contributing ideas, advice, observations, and instructions upon turning fifty years old.
The Laws Of Lifetime Growth: Always Make Your Future Bigger Than Your Past knowledgeably co-authored by Dan Sullivan (President of Strategic Coach, Inc.
Service representatives will be able to respond knowledgeably to queries based on comprehensive customer information, while marketing professionals will gain customer insight for targeted promotional campaigns, and sales representatives will be able to identify new opportunities to assist existing clients.
Knowledgeably analyzing the psychiatric disorders, Psychopathology In The Genome And Neuroscience Era addresses such issues as psychiatric genetics and what are becoming more innovative and progressive treatments and preventative engagements of neuroscientists today, Psychology.
Knowledgeably written and drawing from their more than 175,000 miles of car trips together (including travels with their children), Drive I-95 is a superbly organized companion to the traveler searching for lodging, fine/unique restaurants, interesting landmarks, relevant and fun facts, and an overall enhanced vacation.
With Live Health, organizations can improve customer satisfaction and staff productivity by using intelligent alarms and historical context to identify and resolve these critical conditions, as well as more knowledgeably respond to customer inquiries.
Although City Guide roles are unpaid, council bosses say it is a rewarding and satisfying job for those with an interest in Newcastle, Gateshead and surrounding areas who can speak knowledgeably and enthusiastically.