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My interest is keenest, perhaps, not so much in relation to known facts as to speculation upon the unknowable of the two centuries that have rolled by since human intercourse between the Western and Eastern Hemispheres ceased--the mystery of Europe's state following the termination of the Great War--provided, of course, that the war had been terminated.
Nothing that has life, either animal or vegetable as we know them, can exist without air, and it follows that nothing having life, according to our views of it, can exist in the moon:--or, if any thing having life do exist there, it must be under such modifications of all our known facts, as to amount to something like other principles of being.
What process of ratiocination will deliver the necessary facts about a Galilean woman's sexual history (facts that run entirely counter to well known facts of human biology)?
In exploring the voices of those surrounding Renn, who yearn for identities of their own and struggle under his celebrity status, Little Known Facts examines the intimate, often deleterious effects of celebrity.
M Krishna on Tuesday said the reports were not new, but based on previously known facts.
Corbett made Little Known Facts with Finnish students during her Fulbright fellowship to Helsinki earlier this year.
THE theory explains two known facts about the universe: It is gradually expanding and cooling down.
Whether novice or experienced researcher into the metaphysical subjects of stick signs (purposeful symbols), mane braiding (intricate braids appearing in horses' manes overnight), the predominant Bigfoot theories and why they don't fit the known facts, and the distortions of human history as they have affected our perceptions of Bigfoot, "Backyard Bigfoot" is as informative as it is entertaining, and most especially recommended to the attention of those with an interest in human evolution, lost civilizations, UFOs, ancient artwork, metaphysical studies, and the legendary Sasquatch known in the Himalayan mountains as the Yeti, and in our own North American forests as Bigfoot.
The members of the Court who voted that decision showed their arrogance by flouting God's moral law and also by assuming that they are competent and entitled to contradict or ignore the known facts of medical science.
Little known facts #3 and 4: The prototype Saturn Ion was tested under DeLorean body panels in Back to the Future.
Many points are presented simply as known facts, and worse, these are not referenced.
New Testament scholar Robert Price, member of the Jesus Seminar, here examines the fallacies of Christian history and usage in THE DA VINCI CODE, drawing important connections between fantasy and real history and adding religious insights based on known facts about Jesus and his life, the Gospels, and historical figures.