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I present myself--a landowner, a widower, of a well- known name, with connections, with a fortune.
Still there are even some tragedies in which there are only one or two well known names, the rest being fictitious.
is a well known name in hospital and laboratory products and supplies.
Datacolor, an internationally known name in color technology, launches its latest professional-level tool for dealers to ensure optimized television and video viewing, Datacolor ISFC3 Toolkit(TM).
LAS VEGAS -- Datacolor, an internationally known name in color technology, introduces its latest upgrade and most exciting innovation in professional color calibration, COLORFACTS PROFESSIONAL 6.
Inclusive of works from well known names such as John Steinbeck, E.
We wanted to establish a state-of-the-art office environment for this highly dedicated and motivated pair which devotes itself to finding the most desirable spaces in the city for the world's best known names in retail.
One of the pilots, Rob Harrison of Claremont, hushed the thousands watching as he sped his Czech-built Zlin through barrel rolls, dives and geometrical gymnastic tricks that don't have commonly known names.
At present, not only does royalty wear Creed (Prince Charles, Queen Dona-Maria of Spain), but many of the best known names in the world: Paul Newman, Madonna, Julia Roberts, Richard Gene, Harrison Ford, and many others.
Office-Shadow's rapidly growing list of international clients contains many well known names from finance, commerce and government.
Pom-Arleau, an ex-Air Force air traffic controller competing in his first PGA event, was among the lesser known names atop the leaderboard in the first round in Surrey, B.
Headlined by the best known names in the Mac world, including David Pogue, Chris Breen, Scott Kelby, Bob Levitus, Deke McClelland, and a host of others, it kicks off May 11-13, 2006 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.