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The changes we've made in our gluten-free flour deliver results that are much closer to traditional wheat flour," says Kooky Sues founder Adam Latham.
Now, joining their ranks, is Zoe Kazan as a sparky and beguilingly kooky klutz who, surprise surprise, exists to lift Daniel Radcliffe's disgruntled male from the doldrums.
Now joining their ranks is Zoe Kazan as a sparky, effervescent and beguilingly kooky klutz who, surprise, surprise, exists merely to lift Daniel Radcliffe's disgruntled male from the doldrums.
From left: Sophie Morris of Kooky Dough, Marissa Carter of Cocoa Brown and Joanne Hession of QED Training
For a start, it''s got a rather intriguing central premise and, for another, it''s not about slightly kooky characters leading slightly kooky lives in middle England.
Every episode is an explosion of colour and kooky storytelling - sort of a mix between film director Tim Burton, Hans Christian Andersen with just a splash of Amelie.
Quite possibly, as this action adventure is literally oozing with personality and humour, as Travis lives out his fantasy life in the kooky, cel-shaded world of Santa Destroy.
The movie focuses on Sedgwick's role in Warhol's Factory, where she made both the scene and kooky movies (listed in order of importance).
The travels involve kooky characters, realistic scenery and unbelievable escapades.
Wordy yet ultimately inscrutable titles such as Cat's Butt Hole in Role of Heaven in Reverse Rapture, 2004, hint at this intriguingly kooky tale, which itself represents the outpouring of a relentlessly inventive mind.
Paris is an interesting kooky lead while Turner knows that she is the one as she gets him to do things he would never do.
In his case, it's kooky dog trainer Muriel Pritchett (Geena Davis), who speaks the language of canines and Cupid, and offers to be Leary's guide back to the land of the living.