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Insbesondere die den Krater perimetrisch umlaufende und noch heute gut sichtbare, massive Steinmauer aus Feldsteinen gab hinsichtlich Entstehungszeitpunkt und Zweck der Anlage neue Ratsel auf.
On the krater depicting the story, the faces betray no emotion.
Three Apulian Kraters in Berlin', Jahrbuch der Berliner Museen 12, 153-190.
12) 1326 red-figure column krater, from Athens by the Florence Painter (c.
The Euphronios krater, if, indeed, it was unearthed in Italy, was therefore regarded, in Italian law, as stolen property because it was removed from below the ground and not turned over to the state.
Middle-market companies are a leading indicator of America's future competitiveness," Krater added.
Here in the vitrine are object such as of a pair of skyphoi used for drinking wine at banquets, richly decorated with scrolling leaves and branches, a shallow silver-gilt bowl containing a spirited relief of satyrs treading grapes, and a parcel-gilt patera showing a gilt krater that houses an elaborately extending vine.
County communications director, Scott Krater, informed the county commissioners at a meeting Thursday that fixed network equipment has been set up at all 11 locations.
Buna karsin, keratin dolu krater ve atipik yassi hucre proliferasyonu gibi ozellikler lezyonun yassi hucreli karsinomadan ayrimini saglar (12, 13).
the secrets that helped the Italians get back his beloved million-dollar Euphronios krater.
Two houses, Krater in the Cyclades by DECA Architecture (p66), and David Mc Dowell's transformation of a derelict farm in County Dublin (p76), show great sympathy with their completely different sites and circumstances.
An inscribed krater sold at auction in Zurich probably came from the Tambourit necropolis near Sidon (Objects with Semitic Inscriptions, 1100 B.