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Kudo danced two performances in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and two in Germany.
It is necessary to distinguish mothers who require child-care support from other mothers who do not and establish a system so that such mothers in need can receive help through counseling and other measures,'' Kudo said.
Kudo also said it is important for individuals to act on their own initiative and take the lead in stimulating debate in order to spur the government into tackling economic recovery and political reforms.
Kudo suffered serious injuries in the accident while the driver of the second large-size trailer was slightly injured.
JAI KUDO designer eyewear company has been recognised as one of Britain's best performing exporters, with an annual international growth in sales of 62.
The definition of luxury, the throw is the perfect addition to your living room or bedroom, especially when partnered with the matching Kudo Fake Fur cushion.
All new buildings, all new proposals, are worthy, and it's difficult for us to say no, but at some point we have to delay or hold off and slow down so that we have a chance to catch up," Kudo said.
The company will also be raising awareness of its reward scheme and the Jai Kudo Lenses catalogue, said to be one of the largest in the industry.
The Japanese-Canadian movie "Karakara," starring Japanese actress Yuki Kudo, on Monday won two awards at the Montreal World Film Festival.
Atsuko Kudo has worked with Lady Gaga on outfits including those for her Glastonbury performance and the infamous red latex Victorian/Elizabethan gown and ruff which she wore for the Royal Variety Performance in December to meet the Queen.
At the Electronics Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles yesterday, Kudo Tsunoda from computer giant Microsoft showed off the first system that lets viewers tell the TV what they want to watch.
They have approached Kudo and she was delighted to take on the job," the friend added.