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He wore a very shiny top hat and a neat suit of sober black, which made him look what he was--a smart young City man, of the class who have been labeled cockneys, but who give us our crack volunteer regiments, and who turn out more fine athletes and sportsmen than any body of men in these islands.
We noticed that in the jewelry stores they had some of the articles marked "gold" and some labeled "imitation.
All the shelves were lined with blue glass bottles, neatly labeled by the Magician to show what they contained.
I labeled the bottle "The Amsterdam Cleansing Compound"; and I wrapped round it the following note:
He paid for the arsenic, and took it away with him wrapped up in two papers, the outer wrapper being labeled with my name and address, and with the word 'Poison' in large letters--exactly like the label now produced on the piece of paper found at Gleninch.
Anne fled to the pantry and returned with a small bottle partially filled with a brown liquid and labeled yellowly, "Best Vanilla.