labor dispute

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org, a website to inform prospective buyers of Hyatt properties about ongoing labor disputes at a number of these hotels.
Another major labor dispute could jar Southern California consumers this summer as a contract dispute between SBC Communications Inc.
I am really proud to work at the symbol of Seattle, but it has been hard to work under a labor dispute the last two years," says Cisco Cole-Daum, a server at the SkyCity Restaurant at the top of the Space Needle.
But considering it was just three weeks ago that lacrosse's first year as a Southern Section sport was imperiled by the labor dispute, the results mattered less than the fact that a game was actually being played to just about everyone involved in the event, including the crowd of about 100 of mostly parents and friends.
The Pentagon must use its weight to demand that the Chentex management resolve the labor dispute and respect workers' rights.
As the boycott and labor dispute grew, Cornerstone decided to replace the hotel operator, but it has not resolved the underlying labor problems.
The four funeral homes that will be affected by the labor dispute are: Weinstein Funeral Home, 111 Skokie Blvd.
The decision was based on the facts UA received from the parties involved in the labor dispute and means the agency will pay benefits to other Northwest workers such as ticket agents, baggage handlers, mechanics as well as flight attendants.
Hyatt has been engaged in a bitter labor dispute in San Francisco, where the company locked out workers at two properties in the fall of 2004 for nearly two months.
While Food-4-Less, a sister of Ralphs, is involved in the pact, it is not involved in the labor dispute.
and 3,300 union employees in West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky was tentatively settled Tuesday, casting tempered optimism onto Southern California's lingering labor dispute.