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Whatever intervention one uses, labor pains grow more intense.
After a series of flops, including I Know Who Killed Me and Georgia Rule, Lohan will be hoping Labor Pains marks the beginning of her career revival.
Providing her unique style of humor, Joan kicks-off the show with a re-enactment of her labor pains giving birth to Melissa and the trouble that ensued.
Many people think that the child's exit through the birth canal is the most painful part of delivery, but most women agree that it's the labor pains that hurt the worst.
Liza shoved an unused sanitary pad into her daughter's mouth when she started to shout due to labor pains Monday night.
The flight from Jeddah to Addis Ababa landed at Jazan's King Abdullah Airport on Wednesday afternoon after the woman began experiencing labor pains.
27 after 18 hours of "profound" labor pains, and found herself instantly shedding the body insecurities that had burdened since her double mastectomy in 2008.
SAMANTHA Ronson whisked special pal Lindsay Lohan (inset) off the set of her new film - Labor Pains - and straight out to dinner with Lily Allen.
The couple's first child, Jacob, now 4 1/2, made his entrance after more than 16 hours of labor, so when Carol felt the familiar labor pains with Annika, she figured she had some time.
The whole creation has been groaning in labor pains until now," he says.