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Users experience a reduction in laborious, error-prone re-keying of information since some fields are pre-populated with information drawn from the electronic document access (EDA) contracts database.
Scientists typically study yeast cells by creating different versions of proteins, which, when done "by hand," is painstakingly slow and laborious.
Every time we get in an RFP or an RFI, we have to go through a laborious process of searching through dozens of old documents for answers to questions that we know we've addressed before.
Thus, it appeared that laborious laboratory measurements would be required for any new class of halon replacement considered in the Next Generation Fire Suppression Technology Program of the Department of Defense.
I do help her with the planting but find the task laborious.
Collecting valuable proteins with this new technique wouldn't involve the harvesting of plants and the laborious, costly task of purifying the proteins from them, notes Robert L.
For those already versed in the practice of scholarly research, Jordan's efforts, while often impressive, can be laborious to follow.
These weather variables increase plant stress and make photosynthesis a laborious process.
What makes Boykin's book so interesting, (despite the multitude of laborious but necessary statistics, from study after study) is that he interweaves much of his personal life in the story.
Engineers still engage in the laborious and somewhat arbitrary practice of consulting standards books which offer information based on the physical test results of various examples.
It's all nice and simple and there is not much in the way of laborious content.