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But the interviews are saved from laboriousness by the interviewer, Richard Canning, who changes the pace and shifts topics frequently.
In further describing Tyndale, Frith, and Barnes as worthy successors of fourteenth- and fifteenth-century Lollards, Foxe contrasts the mechanical reproduction of a multitude of books with the laboriousness of copying manuscripts out by hand.
The overwhelming impression is of a curious melange of carelessness, listlessness, laboriousness and haste, of a wearied haul to get to the word minimum (as witnessed by the word-count numbers on rough drafts).
But the laboriousness of the production of such a tool cannot be shortcut; much strenuous human labour (and consequently considerable funding to support it) still lies ahead to complete the present project.
The eager young would-be artist soon attained a fair degree of competence in depicting the rural subjects that attracted him, thanks to repeated practice and assiduous study of Jean-Francois Millet's massive, elemental laborers, yet Van Gogh's line and modeling always have a jagged, harsh quality that seems simultaneously to suggest his difficulties with execution, the laboriousness of the tasks he chose to depict, and his subjects' inherent lack of grace.