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cereus endophthalmitis secondary to intraocular foreign bodies, but infection can also occur from blunt trauma or a lacerating injury.
EDWARD ALBEE'S lacerating play of domestic strife given a brilliant cinematic sheen by debuting director Mike Nichols.
For those who have observed Robinson lacerating apologists for Third World dictatorships in testimony before Congress, on major television talk shows, and at numerous political rallies, his quasi-nationalist leanings may appear surprising.
Songs such as "Worldwide Choppers'' and "Riot Makers'' hold back nothing, their caustic beats and sharp-edged lines lacerating the listener with savage intensity.
The custodian had been ruled out for the past eight weeks after lacerating his arm in a domestic accident.
Another collaborative piece bearing repeated listenings is the lacerating ``The Sharpest Thorn,'' which brings to mind a ``This Year's Model''-era Elvis.
1 SKY DANCERS It took a lot of Web searching to discover their official name: Sky Dancers (not to be confused with the flying doll of the same name, recalled for lacerating children's faces).
He has not competed since lacerating his liver in a fall at Cartmel over Whitsun and is to see a specialist this week.