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As if it were necessary given the lachrymose interpretation of Jewish history, the Holocaust imparted a "catastrophe perspective" (later called a "paranoic streak") that continues to instill a sense of urgency about Jewish survival.
The legendarily lachrymose actor and director immediately burst into tears.
Hollywood decreed that only one performer could kick off the "talkies," so Al Jolson, the world's greatest entertainer, was The Singing Fool, making the Queen's echo to the sound of stifled sobs with the most lachrymose of all his offerings, Sonny Boy.
These pronouncements are often critical, often anguished and lachrymose.
Despite a life lived in the shadow of Jewish history's most lachrymose moment--both his parents were murdered in the Ho-locaust--Baron insisted that Jewish history was defined not by dying but by living, by the astonishing creativity and vitality of an ever-changing Jewish culture.
I would fail to deliver even one coherent word during this short spell of lachrymose excess but would then instantly regain total composure, curtly utter the words "thank you very much", and leave the stage.
The confrontational scene between Patrick and Darling, over Willy's obstinate refusal to see that his high school football hero son will never become the pride and joy of his dreams, is a shattering display of lachrymose emotion by both actors.
The film's producers are no doubt hoping that -- paired with likable, if unlikely, romantic leading men like Phoenix and Renner -- Cotillard's lachrymose abilities will win Gray a share of the lucrative chick market.
Cheevy's lachrymose character begins the poem in blank despair--"He wept that he was ever born"-before tipping and tunking into something else: "And he had reasons.
But it's also exuberant, only sagging slightly in the overlong climax (the starship plummeting to Earth) and final lachrymose Kirk-Spock scene ("Because you are my friend.
The Holocaust was a unique event, but the basic nationalist litany is similar across nations -- almost a literary genre in itself -- for it is poised between a lachrymose sense of self-pitying victimhood and a vainglorious account of heroic deeds.
All of which might not be such good news for those among our lachrymose cousins who had faith in Obama's promise to lead the most open and transparent administration in history but, for the rest of us, this could be the answer we've all been looking for.