lack of competence

See: inability
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A SOCIAL worker has been suspended for a year following "a serious lack of competence involving wide ranging and extensive shortcomings".
4) details Pope Francis' unconscious sexism and embarrassing lack of competence when it comes to women.
The experience of the research group has shown that human shortcomings can be treated as a result of negative synergy in mutual or inner communication of team members and due to the lack of competence or inability in managing the teamwork in the highly competitive environment [4].
The agreements will cover a periodic capacity deficit and to some extent the lack of competence in the company.
In that sense, his lack of competence caused a loss of confidence on the part of the civilian and military personnel in the Department of Defense.
Pitnof's lack of competence and diligence, according to the board's summary of the disciplinary case.
Because despite a nine-fold staff increase since 2006, such as the lack of competence among Home Office penpushers, they are failing to book deportation travel tickets or fill in simple forms.
In all circumstances, failings were so serious that they amount to misconduct and not a lack of competence.
The truth is you'll shout at the lack of competence of your workmates, get annoyed when technology lets you down and then stumble red-faced into meetings with coffee down your shirt or your skirt tucked into your knickers.
Secondly, did her lack of competence breach a fundamental tenet of the profession that it would bring it into disrepute.
Physiotherapist Mark Jones denies misconduct and lack of competence
Already backed by Prime Minister David Cameron, the consultation seeks views on the introduction of so-called 'case examiners'; giving the NMC the ability to review 'no case to answer' decisions as part of the fitness to practise process; changing the composition of registration appeal panels; allowing the NMC to request and verify registration information; and clarifying the ability of the NMC to make striking off orders in health and lack of competence cases.