lack of comprehension

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Natasha repeated with a smile of pity at her friend's lack of comprehension.
I do not see how, with their lack of comprehension of what Art is, they could possibly use them in the proper sense.
Responding to a question about a lack of affordable social housing, he said (out loud): "There just seems to be a total lack of comprehension on this panel and, indeed, amongst this audience, which is a remarkable audience even by the left-wing standards of the BBC.
8220;My enquiries to selected Notified Bodies have revealed non-uniformity in the expectation of unannounced visits, fuelled partly by a lack of comprehension of the Recommendation.
The following inquiry addresses the lack of comprehension research using retellings with children as well as the limited way in which retellings have been utilised.
Eventually beaten down by her husband's lack of comprehension and her son-in-law's imaginary new girlfriend, even the normally composed Daphne is reduced to saying things like "the sun is singing and the birds are shining.
The evidence in the official accident report highlights systematic failures and a lack of comprehension of the aircraft's situation between the pilots during the flight,' he said.
Learning disabilities are known to stem from the mind's lack of comprehension of symbols that denote things, which is the basis of reading and writing.
They did not know him but had the opportunity to give him an "embodiment" by recreating him as a compensation for their lack of comprehension in the past.
He condemns the government's lack of comprehension of shop owners' feelings and considerations before announcing the law.
The lack of understanding between presenter and audience is compounded by audiences who don't speak up because they presume their lack of comprehension is because they "just don't get numbers.