lack of congruity

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The lack of congruity between the official inflation rates and real-life values undermines the credibility of official statistics.
The lack of congruity between returnee managers' experiential knowledge and local-state ownership reduces the impact of the former's international leadership experience:
The authors found a theme in healthy food consumption in African Americans indicating "poor availability, quality, and cost of healthy foods; tension between following DASH and feeding other family members; and lack of congruity between their preferred foods and DASH" (p.
of femininity, and in the process demonstrated the lack of congruity between gender identity, sexual practice, and object choice" (29-30), a point Corber drives home in his readings of Hollywood's attempts to represent this new model of the lesbian.
Even at such a young age the lack of congruity between the image and reality of suburbia was very clear.
In one important respect, however, the lack of congruity between the scope of the new and old procedures has left a void.
But many argued that annuality was made more complex when there was a lack of congruity between the fiscal year and the effective management year or the fiscal year of an associated authority--particularly EU funding bodies or other grant-awarding organisations.
There certainly seems to be a lack of congruity in a practice that prohibits an expert from making any reference during direct examination to a published authority on the subject of this testimony, but then requires that expert to submit to a vigorous cross-examination with that same material.
This lack of congruity makes social values only marginally comparable and acceptable.