lack of consideration

References in classic literature ?
As he banged me down upon my feet his face was bent close to mine and I did the only thing a gentleman might do under the circumstances of brutality, boorishness, and lack of consideration for a stranger's rights; I swung my fist squarely to his jaw and he went down like a felled ox.
There had been too, recently, a strange lack of consideration for herself that had wounded her more than she had imagined.
It shows lack of respect to our dead and lack of consideration for their relatives, many of whom are elderly and for whom a visit to their loved one's grave is a daunting physical challenge.
The main causes of accidents this year are sudden swerving (20 percent), lack of consideration (22.
Overall, I think it is just the lack of consideration that annoys most people.
But what I do know is that is is gross selfishness and betrays a lack of consideration for other drivers.
The clear language in EPA's proposal stating doubts about the rule's impact on electric utility companies and their customers, contrary third party analysis, EPA's reliance on 'illustrative estimates,' and the lack of consideration for small entities begs the question of how and why EPA can in good faith and conscience proceed with finalizing such a proposal without all the requisite and proper information?
YOUR feature article, "Caught in the crossfire, neatly encapsulated the lack of consideration that the North East has been given within the Referendum debate, which is more acutely felt the nearer the Border one gets.
Due to the lack of consideration of the impact on the employer in the bill, 22 mine operators decided to close down their sites, as operating costs would have increased.
It shows a lack of consideration for the young fan base.
I am dismayed at the apparent lack of consideration for people such as myself who see this service as a valuable lifeline to reach either doctors in Llanrwst or shops, work and other amenities, the like of which are only available in the larger towns of Conwy or Llandudno.
30am I would like to thank them for their complete lack of consideration for the disabled visitor to Coombe Park.