lack of control

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Shane lost his temper and patience at Royal County Down three weeks ago and he must learn from that lack of control.
The assets of Pakistan Railways worth billions of rupees had been stolen owing to the lack of control of Federal Minister Khawaja Saad Rafiq.
I worried last season about the lack of control Liverpool had in games that they ended up winning comfortably due to the artillery at their disposal and Rodgers faces the task of proving Swansea's manipulation of the ball had his stamp rather than his predecessors.
It's an unnerving lack of control that perhaps we try to compensate for by being overvigilant in throwing food away because it might smell a bit funny.
Here are three instances where I often find people report lack of control and what has been successful for them to take the reigns on that galloping horse.
An investigation team probing the operations of the Vatican Bank has stated that the bank's functioning inadvertently facilitated money laundering transactions through its lack of control, according to media reports in Italian newspapers.
Specifically, when these women see a "normal" body they experience feelings of displeasure and lack of control, since they feel they have not any control on their own body and cannot make it be as they want.
In a new ad campaign, Courtyard depicts this lack of control travelers have today on the road, that is sure to resonate with their guests and generate a few chuckles along the way.
The new Minster of Housing, Alejandro Sinibalidi, referred to the prevailing administrative disorder and lack of control of debt, adding that the new authorities will evaluate each of the works to revive the reconstruction plan.
Last few weeks saw many similar accidents often resulted from high speed and lack of control on the part of drivers.
Not least without doubt recent media footage of crowd violence in the UK will have reached Fifa's executive committee, the majority of whom would not understand the lack of control and containment.
The note amounts were based on an appraised value of a 1% non-managing interest in the LLC discounted for lack of control and lack of marketability.