lack of corruption

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This was followed by lack of corruption among government officials where the UAE got a 0.
Although he began his career as a socialist, once he took power he established an authoritarian government, a one-party system unique in the world for its competence and lack of corruption.
New Zealand ranked third in the lack of corruption category.
Or to take another example in the same region--I think there is no doubt that the good governance in Costa Rica and the lack of corruption there stands in sharop contrast to other Central American countries and, as a result, I believe this is a major reason why Costa Rica's economy is som much stronger than that of its neighbors.
Stating that Erdoy-an had in length talked about the success of the Turkish economy and said the fact that the Turkish economy had quadrupled in the last decade was proof of the lack of corruption, Lambsdorff said this was "unconvincing.
Cameroon is the most corrupted country in the world, while Sweden is first by the lack of corruption.
Although New Zealand's' economy reaches only US$162 billion in scale, the smallest among the top 10 on the list, it secures first place in four of the 11 evaluation items, including personal freedom, investment protection, level of red tape, and lack of corruption.
At the same time, Livni who has risen rapidly in Israeli politics on a reputation of honesty and lack of corruption, is losing some of her luster.
That lack of corruption is partly attributable to relatively light regulation of the economy; according to the World Bank, Sweden had the world's 14th best regulatory environment in 2006.
There are times when people feel that the Turf Club might be too severe in its administration of discipline, but the absence of such measures can only endanger our outstanding reputation in regard to the lack of corruption in racing.
In 1998, the economy was just starting to blossom, and exports beginning to increase as outside commerce saw Eritrea as a model of stability and lack of corruption.
Germany's position derives mainly from its strong country indicators with impressive scores in areas such as policy continuity and lack of corruption.