lack of decision

See: indecision
References in classic literature ?
In the conduct of this great enterprise he had seen a deplorable levity of outlook, a fatal lack of decision, an absence of any reasoned plan.
For too long the people of Wales have been suffering due to their lack of decision on how to tackle air pollution.
Adding a lack of decision making hasn't helped PIA and only added to further worsening the woes of the state-owned airline, said Cyan.
In the process, an idea of developing an elevated expressway was floated, but due to lack of decision making in the KPT, it remained a dream for over a decade.
Interior Minister will apprise PM Abbasi over the lack of decision in the meeting.
Sukuk, Eurobond issuance awaits finance minister's green signal| (The News): A lack of decision could delay the issuance of much-needed sukuk and Eurobond, planned simultaneously in November, as authorities await the final green light from Finance Minister Ishaq Dar.
He stressed the importance of the airport's close working relationship with the Chamber on key issues such as the Government's lack of decision on whether Heathrow will get an additional runway.
Fear of evaluation by others, lack of assertiveness, short temper, fear of failure and loss, demanding environment, irritable Mood, lack of decision making and lack of confidence were reported by more than 61 % of students.
Leader of Forest Heath Council James Waters said: "I know the lack of decision has led to a lot of anxiety from the Horsemen's Group, the local community and in the surrounding villages.
A relevant drawback is the lack of decision support solutions to enable involved players improving their outcomes from energy transactions.
And with frustration mounting on the lack of decision, fans have been vocal with their thoughts on the matter.
A lack of decision making, poor communication and the inability to deal with conflict were the three main reasons contributing to poor leadership.