lack of desire

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Scientists in Italy studied male patients with sexual disorders, including a lack of desire, impotence and an inability to reach orgasm.
GLENN Hoddle blasted his players for a lack of desire at Leicester and demanded a positive response if Wolves' play-off bid is to avoid falling by the wayside.
Without a win on their travels since September 12, Quakers' boss David Hodgson was furious with the lack of desire.
Their symptoms can range from a lack of desire, arousal, orgasmic and sexual pain disorders, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association.
The real danger is the lack of desire, not your age.
But he's disappointed at their apparent lack of desire to fill certain service industry jobs.
As might be expected, this woman's lack of desire for her husband has resulted in arguments and coolness in the relationship.
freeze dried and encapsulated in liposomes and treatment in both male and female or both suffer from sexual dysfunction as it is believed that lack of proper physiological stimulation in one partner can lead to physical dysfunction or a genuine lack of desire in the other.
We had a severe lack of desire and hunger and that's the most embarrassing thing," said boss Glenn Ferguson.
The Dons' boss reckons a lack of desire is responsible for undermining their season.
Darryl See stated: "A woman's inability to become properly stimulated during sexual activity can result in anorgasmia (the inability to achieve orgasm) which leads to frustration as well as a genuine lack of desire on her part for sexual intercourse.
GROUP B: Australia v Spain, 5pm in Natal SANTI CAZORLA insists Spain did not crash out of the World Cup due to a lack of desire.