lack of education

See: ignorance
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Vasili Andreevich shook his head disapprovingly at what Nikita was doing, as in general he disapproved of the peasant's stupidity and lack of education, and he began to settle himself down for the night.
My article showed my lack of education, but when he criticizes he scatters pearls
Dr Hameeda also underlined the need of controlling the population rate in the country adding that increase in population rate is the main cause of poverty and lack of education among the people.
The charity is concerned that a lack of education for people living with diabetes will, in the long-term, result in high rates of potentially avoidable but devastating complications such as amputation, blindness and stroke.
Sometimes it's not possible to get out of poverty because of illness or lack of education and we have to accept the fact.
He said that reason behind poverty among women are indifferent attitude of policymakers, gender inequality, lack of education, microcredit facilities, apathy towards SMEs and politics fondness over trade.
Gaynor, 63, said: "I set up the website as when I was first diagnosed with lymphodema I wasn't angry about getting it but I was angry about the lack of education and promotion.
With non-aboriginals, there is a lack of education and understanding of the value of First Nations culture and customs and the role of their spirituality in well-being.
POLITICS students have been learning how a lack of education is holding back the prospects of children from poor families.
He added: "I believe that there is a general lack of education around the importance of eye health, while many people take their sight for granted and do not have a sight test until a problem arises.
The fear of the unknown and a lack of education and understanding of the Ebola virus is fuelling the terrifying outbreak.
The vast majority of people reduced to living on the streets have a variety of problems, including mental illness and a lack of education, which prevent them getting work.