lack of equality

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In his testimony, he focused on a number of elements that can help resolve multiple crises related to immigration, through improving immigration management, strengthening the civil society and addressing the lack of equality in the sustainable development agenda.
Funerals are just a single instance of this lack of equality.
7), wherein the goods we consume, environment we inhabit, conditions in which we work, and lack of equality, explain the "major killers"--that is, chronic diseases--of the population.
But she cited several troubling contributors to a lack of equality of opportunity, including the expensive cost of higher education faced by the young.
Women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia do not suffer from lack of equality with men in pay as the law guarantees that for them.
I'm going to write a book on it, take it game by game and show the lack of equality.
There might be injustice and lack of equality, but this is balanced by the opportunity to gain something in life: at university, at research centers, in the stock market, in real estate, in industry, and in trade.
On the other hand there are some disadvantages of e-government such as, the lack of equality in public access to the internet and reliability of information on the web.
It's unbalanced, objectifying and demonstrates a disgusting lack of equality to which there is only one very obvious answer.
e Roman Catholic church lags even further behind in regard to patriarchy and lack of equality of status for women, a mature approach to contraception and perhaps an excessive preoccupation with ritual and issues such as canonisation.
We are fed up with lack of equality under the rule of law.
The lack of equality sends a message to future content creators and consumers about who is and who is not important and who is and is not valued in film.