lack of equality

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We all have a responsibility to call out the absurd lack of equality everywhere we see it.
They are especially dissatisfied at the lack of equality between permanent employees of Telecom Egypt and the technicians, as their contracts are temporary, which reflects on allowances, rewards, and healthcare.
She also highlighted the lack of equality between countries, with a crossover between inequality and climate as nations in the firing line from climate change tend to be low-income economies.
Our left-wing friends will object to the lack of equality, citing the wealthy developers as disgraceful profiteers.
The lack of equality for and representation of women in sport is appalling across the board.
The challenges Sweden faces today are an ageing population, increasing migration, high levels of mental health problems and lack of equality between different income groups.
Apart from procedural issues, the clergy cited excessive formalities and lack of equality among member churches that will be underpinning the council.
Serious due process problems, which have been repeatedly raised by various UN independent experts, include lack of adequate access to legal assistance and a lack of equality of arms between the prosecution and the defence, among other issues, she added.
In his testimony, he focused on a number of elements that can help resolve multiple crises related to immigration, through improving immigration management, strengthening the civil society and addressing the lack of equality in the sustainable development agenda.
Funerals are just a single instance of this lack of equality.
7), wherein the goods we consume, environment we inhabit, conditions in which we work, and lack of equality, explain the "major killers"--that is, chronic diseases--of the population.
But she cited several troubling contributors to a lack of equality of opportunity, including the expensive cost of higher education faced by the young.