lack of impetus

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THE number of properties sitting on estate agents' books has fallen to a record low amid a lack of impetus in the housing market, according to a report.
A Swedish appeals court decided in September to uphold Assange's arrest warrant, saying a strong public interest argument outweighed a case to set it aside based on the lengthy deadlock and a previous lack of impetus in pursuing the case.
A lack of impetus to continue with political and economic reforms will dampen investors' enthusiasm, and economic growth is forecast to be sluggish, at 1.
It's just that their motivation, lack of impetus, hasn't been aroused enough by us to exercise that capacity.
8, despite a lack of impetus from Wall Street as it emerged that US consumer spending edged higher at half the rate that economists had predicted.
The governments violent response in Lice and the growing Kurdish frustration with their lack of impetus in implementing legal steps and reform as part of the peace process, adds more pressure on the government.
Lack of impetus for 2012 second quarter orders in the industry
Criticism of a lack of impetus following Saturday's famous curtain-raiser has been highlighted by this weekend's Easter Saturday programme - only one turf card, at Musselburgh, staged out of range for the vast majority of Flat trainers.
ASD President Domingo Urena-Raso, head of Airbus Military and director of the A400M programme (the military transport aircraft, which is plagued by delays), denounced aggravating factors, such as the "opening of markets [defence package] in the absence of any attempt to consolidate demand" and "the lack of impetus at European level".
Patience remained the key for Arsenal as the home crowd started to get frustrated by their side's lack of impetus.
It is, therefore, disturbing to discover there was a clear lack of impetus from this duo to investigate the circumstances surrounding these events.
Among those respondents who have no intention of seeking certification, the main reasons given are the cost, the belief that it is not important for a small company, and the lack of impetus to get certified from their customers (including internal "customers," in the case of captive plants).