lack of judgment

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One MP said the Foreign Secretary should consider his position after showing such a lack of judgment.
One Conservative MP said the Foreign Secretary should consider quitting after showing such a lack of judgment.
The signing of Bernard, who turns out to have a condition which will seemingly prevent him ever playing for Newcastle, is another example of what seems to be a complete lack of judgment or planning.
That this programme has been allowed to progress this far shows either malice towards the Church or a total lack of judgment, or of managerial responsibility, within the BBC News and Current Affairs Department.
Given that terrorism prevails in Israel, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and Ulster, Ms Davidson has displayed a deplorable lack of judgment by visiting the Cuban dictator.
And voters clearly are tired of President Clinton's appalling personal behavior and lack of judgment.
This lack of judgment would seem to have spread to their financial and business dealings, with all too tragic results.
But critics who fear Mr Portillo is poised to challenge Mr Hague for the leadership if the Tories lose the General Election have focused on Mr Barrow being openly gay to spread malicious rumours about Mr Portillo's lack of judgment.
Lib Dem Mike Moore said: "These are tasteless remarks from the PM that show a shocking lack of judgment.
The players accepted responsibility for their lack of judgment, stupidity if you will, in trying to find a quick and inexpensive way to park on the crowded Westwood campus.
In fact, his only serious lack of judgment was to confess that he has even voted Tory.
It adds insult to injury they are using such a controversial figure and is further evidence of their lack of judgment.