lack of motion

See: inertia
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more details; 2) lack of motion induced interlaced artifacts, particular noticeable on a large TV; and, 3) ease of editing since video editors would rather avoid the field/frame distinction where two half of a full frame are acquired at different instants in time.
Simmons attributes the lack of motion transfer in its Beautyrest mattresses to the fact that their Pocketed Coil springs are encased in fabric pockets and are attached to each other in the middle, not on the top and bottom as in traditional innerspring designs.
The factors at work include lack of motion and dehydration, both of which contribute to decreased circulation.
The authors suggest that this superiority is due not only to the lack of motion on EBT compared to the slower spiral technique, but also to the higher contrast enhancement (362HU versus 248HU) obtained using EBT for the same dose of injected contrast material.
The systems are based on the premise that the lack of motion could be indicative of a fall or incapacity.
720's incredible feat was caught in high definition for one dramatic spot that will highlight the lack of motion blur and fast action enabled by DLP technology.
The lack of motion helped neutralize any linebacker motion keys (Diag.
Between the final two fences, as Impek's dubious stamina reserves positively leaked, Moore sat still, his lack of motion in stark contrast to the frantic urgings of Richard Johnson aboard Behrajan, hero of this race 12 months earlier.