lack of movement

See: inertia
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The former England boss said the lack of movement from the Toffees convinced him it was best to withdraw from consideration.
The fans have been left angered but not all that surprised by the lack of movement in the window.
But the lack of movement began to set in even before significant weight gain did.
Some Council members have questioned the lack of movement by the Council on sanctions on Eritrea.
Trollope has been frustrated by the lack of movement, though he says it's normal for a late rush as he looks to bolster his options and said: "We're still looking.
Can't see point of I'VE been disappointed by our lack of movement for much of the transfer window.
His joints have started to stiffen and he is incapable of moving his legs properly due to the lack of movement.
Al-Jarallah told KUNA that the patient, Jorg Fischer, 45, weighed more than 150 kilogram, and also suffered from lack of movement, tiredness, and sleep disorder.
The management duo, right, are out of contract when the finals end, but the lack of movement over fresh terms is a major talking point.
The reason McGregor is so confident and was willing to take on Diaz at the higher weight is his opponent's perceived lack of movement and predictable fighting style.
The next federal government must fast-track this investment over two years, says Day, and also look at the lack of movement over the last decade and make-up for that level of investment.
He went down clutching his knee after a challenge by Muhamed Besic and his lack of movement immediately suggested a serious problem.