lack of power

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The lack of power to pump fuel at many stations in that area has resulted in long lines at the few that have power and gas left.
He can impose himself on a match and he can make things happen, but against the bigger boys he can show a lack of power and presence, which is why he needs an authoritative figure alongside him.
Operators won't become frustrated by a lack of power at the top of the lift range as they would in a typical Z-bar machine.
While manufacturing has been a key driver for the surge in demand for various types of recyclables, the lack of power available in China has presented a problem.
Women's lack of power is a major obstacle to their being able to protect their own health, a fact which many family planning programmes fail to take into account.
It reveals the struggles of survivors to cling to life to be heroic and resourceful, in a situation where lack of power and arms among Jews in general meant that direct resistance against the Nazis would only guarantee personal extermination.
However, the large number of genes residing in those previously identified chromosomal regions/QTLs remain undefined, due to the lack of power and sensitivity of previously available methodology and technology.
Metro Detroit grocers are doing their best to cope with the lack of power.
The main stumbling block to the project, says Jaehrling, is the lack of power purchasing agreements in Ontario.
The entire system can be safely shipped anywhere in the world without concern for conflicting voltages or a lack of power supply.
Bonar said, for example, that wireless devices' relative lack of power may cause insurers to refrain from burdening the devices with speed-draining security software.
There are more examples of policy which could not be pursued because of the lack of power.