lack of relation

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This lack of relation between economic growth and food security is the policy issue that drives this research.
The results of the prioritization show that failure to use the existing potential of rural areas and lack of relation between administrative centers and academic research on rural issues, as well as the lack of an accurate, reliable, and up-to-date statistical database in the area of rural development hold the highest priority respectively in the region.
The unknown origins of the Basque language and its lack of relation to any of the other languages in the world also contribute to the anthropological appeal of this ancient culture, about which there is still so much to discover.
Problems about seeing Lawrence as anything like an equivalent to Nietzsche may be compared with Lawrence's lack of relation to Freud, which Bell is silent on.
So, the most dedicated novels of the future are likely to have the same lack of relation to the ambitions and greed of the world as fine poetry offers today.
Analysis of the responses to the question about what was helpful suggests that one reason for the lack of relation is that some participants were seeking only self and occupational information.
Lack of relation of increased malformation rates in infants of diabetic mothers to glycemic control during organogenesis.
The lack of relation with the US, isolation, and economic sanctions will also help them rally the anti-Western Iranians against their opponents as foreign "mercenaries" and "spies.
The lack of relations with China in 1950 contributed to Beijing's fear of America's plans in Korea and prevented the PRC from effectively warning Washington against sending American troops to the Yalu.
They claim lack of relations with the US is harmful to us.
In repeated interviews, Ahmadi-nejad asserted that "it was the American government that unilaterally severed relations," thus putting the blame for the lack of relations on Washington.
In fact, before the protests started in Syria, Assad claimed that it was his lack of relations with Israel that made his regime safer than the former Egyptian president's.