lack of safety

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The Euro NCAP assessment mentioned a lack of safety systems and adult protection in delivering its verdict.
He denied rumors on the lack of safety of the vaccine, noting that the Health Ministry provides 100,000 vaccines against seasonal flu every year; this year it requested an additional 40,000.
Parents negligence and lack of safety in high rise building behind the current increasing numbers of children falls from high levels, a recent study conducted by Sharjah police concluded.
The DDO found there was lack of safety measures like ineffective fire- fighting equipment and smoke alarms besides no emergency exits in the commercial buildings.
The violations include filling old bottles with sulfonic acid, a worn-out site floor, lack of safety equipment and sewage water and bird droppings in the production area.
Lack of safety standards have been blamed for a series of fatal mishaps in Egypt in recent years.
Former colleague Dawn Newman said: "Lorraine had said a guard would get killed because of lack of safety.
Ewan Williamson's relatives also revealed that a week before he died he said he feared a lack of safety training would lead to a firefighter's death.
The Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration has received numerous complaints and litigation against it regarding little or no oversight on emergency response plans, lack of safety inspections, pipeline accident responses not being carried out, hundreds of spills going without inspections, and the federal safety program lacking transparency.
In a statement posted on Twitter, Sharjah Police, said: "People are advised not to approach the the corniche area [due to] lack of safety because of the impact of fluctuations in air".
Earlier this year, a large number of people had gathered in Bausher sands to voice their concern over the lack of safety measures by quad bike rental shops in the area after a 16-year-old met with an accident while dune bashing with friends.
What is unfortunate is that the Sheriff's Department fails to acknowledge problems like understaffing, lack of training and lack of safety equipment for officers in the jail unless they read an ad in the paper.