lack of safety

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KARAK -- Salt miners in Karak district boycotted work on Monday to protest lack of safety gadgets and low wages.
Most of the serious accidents and fatalities, involved falling from heights and lack of safety equipment, said ministry Under-Secretary Sabah Al Doseri.
He added that previous efforts at alleviating poverty failed because of poor coordination and lack of safety net platform.
Although the spread of the virus is seasonal and probably gets cured in a couple of days, the alarming number of deaths point at the lack of safety measures and use of vaccination to prevent the threat of infection.
The seminar is open to national and international safety experts to suggest improvements and new ideas on every area of operations where life is at risk due to lack of safety.
At the session, CMC member Eng Khaled al Hitmi pointed to complaints from citizens about the lack of safety equipment, including lifejackets and fire extinguishers, on cruise boats.
Police said a group of teenagers were riding a jet ski which crashed, due to improper driving it and lack of safety.
Such untoward incidents are common in the coal mines of Balochistan due to lack of safety arrangements in the mines.
Powerful machines, younger drivers, lack of safety equipment and risky driving behavior all were factors for common injuries, often sustained from vehicle rollover, collision with a stationary object and ejection from the ATV, the researchers said.
There is a clear lack of protocols established by the management of the casinos, which allowed the infiltration of the establishment by a lone gunman and a clear lack of safety protocol which is exhibited by the lack of evacuation plan in case of fire and other emergencies,' the resolution said.
Summary: Initial reports suggest lack of safety precautions led to the fire
Hence, it is important to find an effective strategy to combat the lack of safety in the region through tightening security at ports of entry to prevent fighters to travel to locations where terrorist groups are being active.