lack of understanding

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She felt, generously, with a clutching ache, that with all the disappointments she had suffered through him--from his first broken promises about the house to his lack of understanding of their boy which had resulted in Billy's death--with even that, she had salvaged so much more out of living than he.
The lack of understanding of stress, anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses is costing Britain's bosses more than pounds 9 million a year in lost work time.
Liberal Democrat Mr Beith said: "The minister's remarks show a complete lack of understanding about the infrastructure of the North-East.
Lack of understanding and respect for the laws of economics and cycles
Such differences in cultural appreciation and lack of understanding often lead to conflicts between nations.
In my nearly 30 years of teaching Catholic adults in scripture and applicable theology, I am still amazed at the lack of understanding of the basics of our faith.
It may also be due to this lack of understanding that some clients buy the dog and then want to do the barking themselves, and succeed in "dumbing down" a good concept/ cover/headline simply to assert their authority.
They had decided to try to make amends for their lack of understanding of what had happened to the stolen generations by inviting their former classmates back to Cootamundra.
Last December an influx of 300 Polish drivers to run West Midlands Travel buses led to more breakdowns in communication Birmingham Mail readers reported major problems as drivers showed both a lack of knowledge of local routes and lack of understanding of passengers.
Participants at the Manhattan seminar agreed that credit scoring is a valuable tool, and that resistance coming from consumers is primarily due to a lack of understanding of how it works.
There's a national statistic that kids with autism are seven times more likely to be involved with the police, mostly because of their lack of understanding and poor judgment.