lack of understanding

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For ages, from our forefather Adam to our own day, we labor to attain that knowledge and are still infinitely far from our aim; but in our lack of understanding we see only our weakness and His greatness.
She felt, generously, with a clutching ache, that with all the disappointments she had suffered through him--from his first broken promises about the house to his lack of understanding of their boy which had resulted in Billy's death--with even that, she had salvaged so much more out of living than he.
Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said that the senator, who was detained in Camp Crame, had an 'utter lack of understanding of international law' and should mind her own legal woes.
incorrect and reflects sheer lack of understanding of the subject and the level of engagement between the government and the World Bank.
A LACK of understanding of alternative forms of borrowing, such as asset based finance, could be hampering business growth in Yorkshire and the North East, according to new research.
A LACK of understanding of alternative forms of borrowing, such as asset-based finance, could be hampering SME growth in Wales, according to new research.
We've all made a pact about not criticising officials, but for me it's a lack of understanding of the game.
In his report for the third quarter of 2008, Christopher Hamer says there is a lack of understanding about when they have to pay for the HIP.
Scott McInally, Durham County Council's gypsy and travellers liaison service manager, said: "A lack of information about the needs of travellers has contributed towards a lack of understanding.
Faulkner likens the lack of understanding between freedpeople and reformers to the growing divide between middle-class African-American and white women in the North.
Specific types of entrepreneurs are being targeted by the NOEG, particularly technologically-oriented ones, as they represent a group that Noble says is overlooked by typical investment groups as a result of a perceived risk or a lack of understanding.
This lack of understanding may limit the full potential of alternative search engines that provide results in a different manner than familiar search engines.